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Our Story

At Yummy Creations Cake Studio, we love to create unique pieces of edible art for customers with all kinds of different personalities, tastes and interests. We work together with you to decide on what kind of cake you would love to have featured at your special occasion.

Gina Sullo is a professional cake artist, who creates exquisite cakes for all special occasions. Her passion for baking and cake decorating started at a young age and since starting Yummy Creations Cake Studio, she has had the chance to incorporate this passion into her everyday life.

Gina’s had the opportunity to complete a number of cake decorating courses, including a Wilton’s Method of Cake Decorating in Montreal, Canada.


Yummy Creations Cake Studio in the community

In 2008, Gina formed a unique approach to learning English for refugee communities in Western Sydney – through cake decorating. It has been a huge success and her workshop was even discussed in a presentation at the 2012 Geneva Convention, Switzerland. These workshops continue to be run, and are currently taking place. For more information, please contact us.

Yummy Creations Cake Studio continuously supports local events, including the recent Shortcuts Film Festival in April 2012, and local schools over the past five years. For sponsorship enquiries, feel free to contact us.

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